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Take your business to the next level. With up.maas Automation you automate your marketing and keep full control over your data.

With CampaignPRO we have found a product that perfectly meets our needs in the group.

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Generate more revenue as an agency or company


CampaignPRO is probably the easiest marketing automation software in the world - and it reliably helps you attract more customers.

Flexible & Inexpensive

What sets us apart? We are like HubSport; only better, more flexible and affordable. We truly adapt to your needs.

Data protection

You can either choose a cloud solution at a location of your choice or install CampaignPRO on your private cloud.

Made for agencies and business groups

Generate more revenue as an agency or company

Agencies become software providers

Usually, agencies can only broker third-party software. Then you only earn a commission. With CampaignPRO, your agency becomes a software provider: You delight your customers with a user-friendly marketing automation solution, you can use your own branding and generate recurring revenue.

Manage business units easily

Generate more revenue with less effort. As a company, you can use CampaignPRO for any business unit to easily attract more qualified leads, increase conversion rates or improve customer service. Take back control of your data and let us install and manage CampaignPRO directly in your private cloud!

Successful campaigns

Reach your goals without detours. With CampaignPRO, sales and marketing teams save valuable time by creating automated campaigns quickly and easily, even across multiple channels. Get the right message to the right audience at the right time!

Staging environment

Simulate campaigns with the staging feature and publish your automated campaigns with a few clicks.

Define target groups

Group users based on data and user behavior and gain valuable insights thanks to detailed analytics.


Stay in touch with your leads and get them to the action you want faster with targeted messaging.

Manage instances easily

With CampaignPRO you can easily create instances yourself, copy individual assets or complete instances and brand them with your own.

Create whitelabel instances

Create instances yourself in no time and without any technical knowledge and personalize instances with your branding.

Copy recurring components

Use individual components of recurring use cases over and over again and across different instances.

Cross-instance evaluations

View collected data and evaluate campaigns across instances to optimize your strategy.

Lightning fast integration

Integrate CampaignPRO into your IT landscape. Our software is compatible with all CRM solutions, numerous softwares and even self-made plugins. Whether WordPress, Typo3, Woocommerce, Shopify, Zapier or Salesforce, the integration is so easy that it's almost fun!

One-Click Installation

Install CampaignPRO with one click and get started right away. Our experts will support you through the entire onboarding process!

Open Source

Enjoy more independence thanks to open source and exchange information quickly and easily between software.

Data sovereignty

Choose the location of your data for each instance. For example, in Switzerland, Germany (coming soon), France (coming soon) or in your private cloud.

What's new?

Read our blog for valuable insights and get a glimpse behind the scenes.

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