These are the basic features of CampaignPRO

Journey Builder

Design automated campaigns with intuitive workflows that let you coordinate every channel.

All channels

Native plugins, integrations, and open APIs provide the freedom to integrate data and orchestrate any channel.

Email Builder

A no-code email builder for anyone who wants to create personalized, responsive emails without HTML.

Landing Pages

You can easily create custom landing pages with content tailored and designed for your target audience.

Dynamic content

Use real-time insights to personalize experiences by delivering individually relevant content across multiple channels.

Website tracking

Turn your website into your most valuable asset with insights that help you get to know your visitors better.


Test your hypotheses by creating A/B tests with multiple variables to ensure you maximize engagement.


Keep track of all your activities and use reporting to optimize your campaigns.

Staging Umgebung

Simulate your campaigns before you put them into production.

Advanced Features

These are the advanced features of CampaignPRo

Manage all instances

Equip each business unit with one instance while maintaining global visibility and control.

One-Click Deploy

Create a master instance and create new instances in minutes as your needs change.

Replicate best practices

Replication of all elements, from audiences to campaigns to creative materials.

Replicate across instances

Steigere die Effizienz, indem du deine automatisierten Kampagnen, E-Mails und Landing Pages instanzübergreifend replizierst.

Own branding

Customize your instances to match the look and feel of your company's or client's brand.

Analyze aggregated results

Keep a global view of how all your campaigns, emails, and content are performing across your different organizations.

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